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Viola Lessons

at Suzuki Music Columbus

Our comprehensive program includes these 5 important parts:

Boy playing viola with his teacher

1. Weekly Private Lesson

Students have a one-on-one viola lesson with a highly trained and compassionate teacher who will tailor each lesson to the specific needs of your child.  We help you and your child learn how to practice viola together in a positive child-centered environment.  The teacher and student commit to a specific regular weekly lesson time for the full year. New beginners start out with 15-30 minute viola lessons, depending on age, maturity, and teacher availability.

Boy playing viola, girl playing cello

2. Tuesday Group Activities

All students and teachers gather each week for group classes and a weekly recital.  The group classes reinforce private lesson and home study through ensemble playing and fun activities. The weekly recital fosters a positive performance environment and a regular concert experience.  Each student will have multiple opportunities to perform on a weekly recital throughout the year.

Girl playing viola

3. Daily Listening

Viola students listen to recordings of Suzuki repertoire every day. The high quality model provides a basis for developing artistry, beauty and creativity.

Two girls taking music lessons with their Suzuki teacher

4. Home Practice

Daily practice guided by the parent will begin at around 15-20 minutes per day.


5. Performance

Weekly solo recitals, group concerts, Grand Concerts, community performances, and the SMC Tour Group, provide opportunities for performance. As a regular part of the Suzuki program, student musicians become comfortable performers.


This looks great, I want to get started!

Your next step to get started in our program is to come observe our Tuesday group classes and see our students in action!  Contact us to schedule your observation time!

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