Music lessons at Suzuki Music Columbus have three parts: a weekly private lesson, a Tuesday group class, and dedicated home practice. 

Private Lessons:

Students have a one-on-one lesson with a highly trained and compassionate teacher who tailors each lesson to the specific needs of your child. We discover the ways in which your child learns and each teacher constructs a lesson to help you and your child learn how to practice together in a positive child-centered environment. The teacher and student commit to a specific regular weekly lesson time for a full school year. There is no guarantee that an alternate time can be found should your schedule change mid-year.  New beginners start out with 15-30 minute lessons, depending on age, maturity, and teacher availability. 


On Tuesday afternoons, our entire program gathers to make music together and further the learning experience through group classes and weekly solo recitals. 

Group Classes:

  • Small groups of students at similar playing levels join together to work on techniques that supplement their weekly private lessons

  • Note reading classes are introduced when students reach a Suzuki Book 2 level of playing

  • We offer Ensemble Classes (Vivaldi Ensemble and Tour Group) for advancing students in mid-Suzuki Book 4 and above

  • Students are formed into groups in autumn and remain in the same group class for the academic year. This fosters their development and builds a peer community

Weekly Solo Recitals:

  • Each Tuesday, our entire community of violin, viola, cello students, and their families gather for a solo recital

  • Most students play on the weekly recital 2-3 times per year

  • Attendance at the weekly recitals is expected. Students support their peers and engage with a variety of different repertoire throughout the year

Home Practice:

  • Practice time varies with age and level and commitment. Home practice is a vital part of your music study. Take the time to schedule the daily home practice times and make it a priority. To get the most out of your lessons, we ask that students commit to 15-30 minutes per day, six days a week.

  • Daily Listening. In the Suzuki Method, we learn to play by ear first and later by reading notes. Daily listening to reference recordings ensures that your child is able to get the most out of his or her lessons.