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Frequently Asked Questions About
Suzuki Music Columbus

What age can we begin lessons at SMC?

We are teaching music in the way that children learn language, so an early start is important. Typically a new beginner is aged 3 – 10, although older beginners have had success, as well as adult students.

My child already plays the instrument. Can they join the program?

If your child has studied using the Suzuki method it will be easy to assimilate them into the program.  Traditional students who wish to transfer into our program should contact us to learn more about the Suzuki style of learning with the emphasis on rote learning and memorization.

How much does it cost to study in the program?

Monthly tuition for a 30-minute lesson is approximately $165 per month.  Click here to learn more about our tuition and fees.

What is the time commitment?

A new beginner will have a weekly private lesson, the Tuesday afternoon group classes and will be expected to practice every day with active parent guidance.   Regular attendance is essential for success. You will want to be careful with your other scheduled commitments.

The pace of study is determined by the amount of home practice. Students who practice more develop faster as musicians. But most important is to practice every day. It is the momentum of the everyday practice that drives ability development.

Where do we get an instrument?

Please wait to get an instrument until we have placed you with a teacher and can be properly sized.  There are many places on the internet that are willing to sell "violin shaped objects", but you will want to make sure you have a properly functioning instrument on which to take lessons.  


We recommend the Loft Violin Shop for your instrument rental needs.  They offer fair prices for good quality and properly set-up, small sized instrument outfits with a 100% trade-in policy.  Contact them for details on prices and policies.

The Loft Violin Shop

4604 N. High Street

Columbus, OH 43214



Toll Free: 800-728-9440 

What is the role of the parent in the SMC program?

Parent and child are a team studying Suzuki music together. The team is expected to attend the private lesson and practice at home every day.  In the very beginning, parents should try to attend group classes too, but once the child becomes comfortable and has made some friends it is fine for the child to come with another family member or daycare provider. Sometimes Suzuki families that live near to each other will carpool and take turns taking the kids to group.

I am not a musician, how will I be a home practice partner?

It is not necessary for you to be a musician to be a successful Suzuki parent. Growing up, you did homework, prepared book reports, and studied for tests in school. Practicing a musical instrument is like studying for school. Your teachers will have many ideas, games, charts, and strategies to help you guide productive home practice sessions. A Suzuki parent mostly organizes and makes sure assignments are done correctly. Your child will likely understand the musical aspects better than you do, but you will be much better at organization. Your teacher will be sure you understand all the musical and technical aspects of the assignments. It is a team of child, parent, and teacher that makes everything work.

Can we just do the private lessons and skip the Tuesday group classes?

All students are required to participate in the Tuesday afternoon group class program. This will be the peer group for your child’s musical life. This peer group will provide support and encouragement, friendship and inspiration. It is essential for your child’s success. If you are just looking for some private lessons, our comprehensive program is not right for your family.

Do Suzuki students learn to read music?

Of course!  We know that children learn to speak before learning to read. In the language of music, the Suzuki student becomes musically and technically fluent on the instrument and then learns to read music. We introduce note reading as soon as the students are ready and all students are fluent readers after several years of study in the program.

When are lessons scheduled?

Lessons are scheduled based on teacher availability.  Please contact us to get started!

What is your winter weather policy?

If there is a weather emergency that requires cancellation of group classes a notification will be sent by email and/or text message as well as posted on the SMC Facebook page.  If you have any questions just email or voice/text Doug 614.216.1343 or your teacher.  This policy only applies to group classes and events.  If private studio lessons are cancelled your teacher will notify you by email and/or text message. 

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