Hear what parents of current students have to say about Suzuki Music Columbus


Maria R.

“I love this program! I have watched my two very different kids not only blossom musically, but as confident, caring people. The teachers in this program are remarkable. They focus on the positive and provide guidance and support in a very caring way. Learning to play string instruments is hard. There are always challenges and frustrations. The teachers at Suzuki Music Columbus have helped my kids embrace challenges and experience how hard work can lead to mastery. I highly recommend this program based on my family's experience!”

Craig N.

“When my daughter, Sophia, was in the middle of third grade, she wanted to quit playing violin. The violin program that she was part of was very rigid and it was extremely hard to get her to practice without tears and drama. I was about to give up on it, too, but my wife suggested moving Sophia to Suzuki Music Columbus. As soon as we made the switch, we were immediately pleased that we had done so.

The environment that Doug and Susan foster is incredibly child friendly, and I believe that this is primarily because their own children were taught to play violin at an early age. They’ve experienced that same type of drama!

Sophia has been part of this program for close to six years, attended several of the summer camps that are offered (which she absolutely loves), and has recently traveled to the Czech Republic as part of the tour group.

We have been incredibly pleased to have Sophia enrolled in this program and have recommended it to others.”

Ellen F.

“My daughter has been in Suzuki since she was 3 ½. The teachers are excellent and know how to teach children in all stages of growth. Kelsey is confident, strong an compassionate, and her music education through Suzuki has played a major part in her growth both in playing the violin, and in her development as a human being. If anyone has been considering music education for their children, Suzuki Music Columbus is the place to go!”

Kami N.

“My children have been engaged in learning string instruments with SMC for several years now. They have grown to love the community of students, parents, and faculty at SMC. It isn't hard to do! The staff of SMC is highly qualified musicians and educators that share their love, enthusiasm, and knowledge with the students. They expect a lot from the students, but they also give so much to help these young students grow and flourish. My only regret is that we didn’t begin this journey sooner!“

“My kids have been taking music lessons at Suzuki Music Columbus for about 6 years for the violin, viola, and cello.  We have found the best and most enthusiastic teachers at SMC. Having regular small group experiences, recitals and local community playing opportunities is wonderful. The summer Suzuki camp experience has been a great way to start the summer for our kids.  We feel lucky to have found SMC and enjoy all of our experiences there.”

Jason R.