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Suzuki Music Columbus Summer Festival 2024

June 10-13: Fiddle Club and Cello Jam (book 2+ or equivalent)

June 24-28: Chamber Music (book 3+ or equivalent)

June 29: Suzuki Morning (Suzuki students- Pre-Twinkle, Book 1 & 2)

Fiddle Club & Cello Jam

June 10 to 13 (M-Th)


“Fiddle Club” - (book 2+ or equivalent)

A crazy creative gathering of violin and viola students learning fiddle tunes.

"Cello Jam" - (book 2+ or equivalent)  

Explore alternative styles and techniques such as improv and chordal accompaniment.


The week will end with an informal sharing time for family and friends.

Chamber Music

June 24-28 (M-F)


Students (book 3+ or equivalent) are placed in small chamber ensembles and prepare works for a performance at the end of the week.

Suzuki Morning

Saturday, June 29



Open to Suzuki students (Pre-Twinkle, Book 1 & 2)

Each student will participate in:

  • A Masterclass (shared lesson)

  • Group Class

  • Movement Class

  • Performance

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