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Suzuki Music Columbus Tuition & Fees

Suzuki Music Columbus tuition includes weekly private lessons, Tuesday group activities, weekly recitals, and many performance opportunities.

Tuition for new beginners is approximately $178/month from September through May.  The Program Fee is waived for the summer months and monthly tuition is reduced to approximately $129. 


Contact us for rates for intermediate and advanced students. 


FAQ's about Tuition & Fees

When do you accept New Students?

New students may join the program anytime!  There may be a prorated fee adjustment depending on when you begin music lessons.

How do you calculate my tuition?

Tuition is made up of the Lesson Fee plus the Program Fee.  Lesson Fees are based on the total number of weeks that your teacher is available for lessons for the next year.  Most of our teachers offer 42 weeks, which includes the summer months. Lesson Fees are based on the actual teaching calendar set by each faculty member so your monthly amount may vary slightly from the above totals.  The total amount of Lesson Fees for the entire year (September-August) is divided into equal monthly payments so you never have to guess what your tuition will be. The Program Fees ($45/month) are waived for June-August.

Do you offer Make Up Lessons?

Due to the complexities of scheduling a full studio and to encourage regular attendance that is the foundation for successful music study, the following make-up policy is in place:  There are no make-ups or credits for lessons missed by the student. All lessons missed by a teacher will be made up or a credit applied. There are no credits or make-ups for missed or cancelled group classes.


Do you offer Tuition Adjustments?

 Credits, determined by your teacher, may be applied to your SMC account if your teacher is not able to fulfill the number of weeks offered in the tuition.  Charges may be added to your account if additional lessons are scheduled above the number of weeks offered in the tuition.

What is the Suzuki Program Fee?

In the Suzuki Method, group activities are a vital part of the Suzuki process.  To be able to provide such group activities for the program all Suzuki Music Columbus students are assessed a program fee ($49/month billed only for the months of September through May).  Suzuki Music Columbus is a special program that offers Suzuki study, so the program fee is required of all students, regardless of attendance or participation at group activities.

Withdrawal from Suzuki Music Columbus

We hope music becomes a life-long passion for our students, but should you wish to withdraw from Suzuki Music Columbus you may do so any time without financial penalty.  We do ask for one month notice if possible.  Annual tuition is pro-rated and you are charged only for the lessons offered to the date you withdrew.

Winter Weather Policy

If there is a weather emergency that requires cancellation of group classes a notification will be sent by email and/or text message as well as posted on the SMC Facebook page.  If you have any questions just email or voice/text Doug 614.216.1343, or your teacher.  This policy only applies to group classes and events.  If private studio lessons are cancelled your teacher will notify you by email and/or text message. 

Suzuki Music Columbus: Joy-filed ad inspiring Suzuki lessons for violin, viola, and cello in the greater Columbus area.
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