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More to hear, more to do.

Suzuki Music Columbus stands as a community of conscience, in solidarity with Black communities and others around the world, in condemning the systemic racism and violence in the United States which has taken the lives of countless members of our Black and Brown human family.

Fundamental to the Suzuki movement is the belief that every child can learn, that talent is not something one is born into, but rather something that can be nurtured and developed in every child. Nurtured by love. The human potential is there in every child, regardless of the color of skin.

Listening is an integral part of our learning at Suzuki Music Columbus and our children listen to recorded examples of fine tone and musicianship, as well as live performances by our teachers and other students. These are the models for becoming beautiful musicians and beautiful people.

Suzuki Music Columbus is listening. There is much more listening to hear, and much more to be done to make our community more equitable and just.

We believe Black Lives Matter.

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