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What was your summer musical journey?

When I was a younger teacher I always looked at summer as a time of great progress. Longer days, no school and more free time meant more time to practice. Every year I was surprised that most of my students didn’t make a summer leap. Once I had my own children it became very obvious what really happened during the summer. Everyone needed a change. So now I look at summer a little differently. Yes, you can still grow as a musician, but it isn’t necessarily about moving forward in the repertoire. It’s more about new experiences, delving deeper into a concept, playing your instrument in a different place or making new friends. I hope your summer was filled with music making, new places and new friends.

- Susan Locke

Playing for your little sister

Practicing with your little sister

Playing with new friends in San Jose

Teaching a new friend Pop Goes the Weasel

Making new friends at the foot of a volcano in Costa Rica

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