Suzuki Summer Camp

Suzuki Music Columbus hosts a summer camp experience for Suzuki and advanced traditional students. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in concentrated study that compliments the work that goes on in studios and homes throughout the year.

Suzuki Teacher Training Courses run concurrently with the camp providing teachers an immersion experience in the Suzuki Method.  Teachers have the opportunity to work closely with trainers and observe Suzuki lessons, group classes, and performances.


Artistic/Executive Directors

  • Douglas & Susan Locke

Teacher Trainers

  • Linda Stieg - Every Child Can and Violin Book 1
  • Martha Shackford - Violin Books 2 and 3
  • Roger Stieg - Violin Books 4 and 5

Violin Faculty

  • Anne Donaldson
  • Bruce Erwin
  • Colleen Fitzgerald
  • David Levine
  • Eileen MacNaugton
  • Joseph Petron
  • Amy Rieske
  • Dawna Rone
  • Megan Stallard
  • James Van Reeth

Viola Faculty

  • David Levine
  • Dawna Rone

Cello Faculty

  • Joanne Erwin
  • Christopher Moehlenkamp
  • Kim Shimpo

Enrichment Classes

  • Bruce Erwin - Fiddle
  • Deborah Price - Chamber Music
  • Jeff Rone - Campfire Songs and Games
  • Bradley Sowash - Jazz
  • David Wong - Rock