Private Lessons

All students will have a 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute weekly violin, viola or cello lesson. Lesson length depends on the student's age and level. These weekly lessons are scheduled with the private teacher at the beginning of the year and continue for the year.  Annual Tuition fees are divided into a monthly amount and the Teacher and Student commit to a specific regular weekly lesson time for the full school year.  There is no guarantee that an alternate time can be found should your schedule change mid-year.

The Lesson: 

  1. Be prepared - Come ready to learn with all of your books and instrument. Arrive a few minutes early and unpack your instrument, tune and warm-up. Talk with your child about what you practiced the preceding week.

  2. Take notes - Bring a notebook to organize your lesson assignments.

  3. Communicate - If you have questions for the teacher, please ask at the beginning of the lesson so that the teacher can address the issue in that lesson.

  4. Listen quietly - "One teacher please". It is important to let your child answer for him or herself and to interact with the teacher.

At home:       

  1. Practice everyday - follow through on practice assignments

  2. Listen - play the Suzuki recording every day. Create the music-filled home environment with Suzuki and recordings of classical music. Attend concerts.

  3. Work together - Suzuki home practice is a collaborative effort between Parent and child. Your teacher will give assignments and provide guidance and direction.

  4. Review all of your pieces to develop ability and establish fluency on the instrument.

Practice time:

Practice time varies with age and level and commitment.  Home practice is a part of your music study, take the time to schedule the daily home practice times and make it a priority.

  1. Pre- twinkle, book 1 15 - 30 minutes 6 days a week.

  2. Book 2 - 3 30 - 45 minutes 6 days a week.

  3. Book 4 - 5 45 - 60 minutes 6 days a week

  4. Book 6 and up 60 - 120 minutes 6 days a week

These times do not include listening, classes, lessons or performances.