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Miss Rachael's Survival Guide to Suzuki Zoom-ing

During this COVID environment, individual and group lessons can feel more exhausting and challenging than normal. This guide is the product of virtual lesson successes, trials, and collaborative chats with parents and colleagues.


Make it easy to be engaged & distraction-free

  • Broadcast your Zoom screen onto a larger device such as a television or large monitor.

  • Take charge of the video controls such as muting and un-muting.

  • Clean up your lesson area together before you start. Clear the area of any homework, art projects, or snacks.

  • If you have a pet, place them away from your lesson area outside, or in a separate room.

  • Ask yourself: “Is this item normally available in my teacher’s studio?” If your answer is no, then find that item another home for your lesson time.


Create a designated lesson spot

Dedicate an area in your home for musical activities. Consider an entirely separate space from online academic/ school activities. For a wiggly young musician....

  • Mark a spot that is at least 3ft away from the screen and no more than 6ft away.

  • Specialize your spot with a favorite rug, sticker, stuffed animal, or other beloved item.


Remember how important your role is in your child’s music education

Being at home welcomes a host of distractions for parents, children, (and teachers!)! Help your child by continuing these lesson best practices:

  • Take notes or video record your lesson.

  • Actively listen and observe your child’s playing during the lesson.

  • Re-direct your child’s attention to the lesson when needed.


Continue to engage at home

Keep Chatting!

Use the time you would normally spend chatting during your lesson commute to chat after your lesson. Some questions to try:

  • What new things did you try today?

  • What did you enjoy today?

  • What students are working on the same piece or techniques as you?

Reward the hard work!

  • Motivate and reward you and your child’s hard work with planned special family activities such as game night, pizza night, movie night, or family recital night. Be creative and use rewards that work for your family!


- Rachael Keplin

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