Camp Packages 

Our Summer Institute provides camp packages perfect for Suzuki students of every age and ability as well as advanced traditionally taught students.

Twinkle Package

For violin, viola, and cello students age 3-5 with skill levels ranging from brand new to able to play the Twinkle Variations without stops.

What are the classes?  

Master Class - This class will have only 4 children to one teacher. Each child will be given individual attention during the class. This provides a wonderful opportunity for the students to watch each other and learn from one another.

Technique Class - Slightly larger and will focus on things such as rest position, play position, bow holds, and other important aspects of becoming a great player.

Kodaly Musicianship -  Kodaly classes encourage students to use their voices and bodies while learning major musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, call and response, and dynamics.

What is the schedule?

Tuesday-Friday classes 8:30am-12:00pm with Saturday concert 8:30am-11-:00am

What is the tuition?

Tuition is $250. 

Housing and meal plans are also available.