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Parent Supervision, Housing, & Meal Plans

Parent Supervision Policy:

Please carefully read the requirements for parent supervision. Contact us if you have any questions.​


Students aged 3-6:  

Must be accompanied by a parent or other adult (aged 18 and older).


Students aged 7-11:

A parent or other adult (aged 18 and older) is required to attend with your child OR they must be registered for Suzuki Music Columbus supervision.

  • Suzuki Music Columbus Supervision ($120): 

    • Students aged 7-11 have the option to attend the summer camp on their own for an additional fee.  Parents must sign in their student in the morning (8:00am) and sign out in the afternoon (5:00). Students will be supervised throughout the day by Suzuki Music Columbus Faculty and Staff.  

    • Failure to comply with scheduled pickup policies will incur additional fees.  

    • Students participating in the supervision program are required to add an enrichment class and bring a bag lunch. 

    • Parents are encouraged to observe some classes during the week if their schedule allows.


Students aged 12+:

These students are able to navigate the campus environment. They are supervised by faculty during class times and faculty and staff are available to assist them during breaks throughout the day.


Regular Housing - Participants and their Families & Teacher Training Participants

On-campus housing is available for all participants. The housing registration includes your meal pass. Built in 2006, the residence hall is "suite style," meaning two rooms are connected by a shared bathroom. Single or double rooms are available with one or two twin sized beds. All rooms are air-conditioned with independent temperature controls in each room for your comfort. Each room has internet access if you bring your own ethernet cable. Each of the three floors has a small lounge where you can relax and socialize. There is comfortable furniture and a large screen TV with cable, a pool table, and several computers with internet access.  Please note: sheets and towels are provided however pillows and blankets are not. If keys or key cards are lost, a $20 lost card or $100 lost key will be assessed.

Teen Dorm Housing - Students Ages 12+

Students aged 12 and older may choose to live on campus as teen dorm participants. Supervised by Suzuki Music Columbus resident staff, the teens enjoy the experience of living in a college residence hall and making new friendships while being immersed in musical surroundings. The teen dorm package includes room, board, and adult supervision from Monday, June 10 through Saturday, June 15 at noon.  Please note: sheets and towels are provided however pillows and blankets are not.

Meal Plans for those staying ON Campus:

All participants staying on campus are required to have a meal pass.  The double room package includes a room with two twin sized beds and two meal passes.  Families attending with one parent and two or three small children may wish to stay together in one double room.  


Please note:  If more than two people (adults & children) will be sharing a room, you will need to purchase additional meal passes for your family.


The On-Campus Housing Meal Pass includes the following meals:

Monday                        Lunch, Dinner

Tuesday                       Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Wednesday                 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Thursday                      Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Friday                           Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Saturday                      Breakfast

Housing Package and Additional Meal Pass Options

  • Single occupancy room including one meal pass 

  • Double occupancy room including two meal passes 

  • Teen Dorm package including one meal pass

  • Additional meal pass

Teacher Training Housing and Meal Pass Costs

  • UNIT ONE with ECC (8 nights housing & meal pass) 

  • UNIT ONE (7 nights housing & meal pass)

  • UNITS 2 OR 4 (4 nights housing & meal pass) 

  • UNITS 3 or 5 (4 nights housing & meal pass) 

  • TWO UNITS (8 nights housing & meal pass) 

Commuter Meal Passes

Commuter meal passes are available for participants that wish to enjoy lunch in the campus dining hall but are not staying on campus. The meal pass includes lunch only for Monday-Friday.


Meal Plans:

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