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Students will work individually with the teacher in a class setting with several other students of a similar age and/or level.  Each child will be given individual attention during the class. This provides a wonderful opportunity for the students to watch each other and learn from one another.  Please bring a "polished" piece for the teacher on the first day.  A polished piece is a piece that has been prepared to the child's highest ability and is not the current piece.  (Please ask your home teacher to help determine your polished piece.)​

Technique Class

This small group class will focus on important aspects of becoming a great player such as: posture, bow hold, tone production, articulation, shifting positions, etc. Students are placed in technique classes based on their repertoire level.

Repertoire Class

Our faculty uses the common Suzuki repertoire to work on musicality and ensemble skills while preparing our pieces for the Final Concert on Saturday morning in this large group class.  This class provides a social and educational environment to have fun while playing our instruments.


Musicianship & Ensembles

Musicianship & ensemble classes focus on skills such as note reading, ensemble, rhythm, beat, and dynamics. Your child will be placed in the appropriate class based on his or her age, repertoire level and music reading skill level.

Musicianship:  Students will be encouraged to use their voices and bodies while learning major musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, call and response, and dynamics. 

Violin Orchestra:  Students will work on strengthening their ensemble skills.

Orchestra:   Under the direction of Joanne Erwin, professor emeritus of Music Education at Oberlin Conservatory, this mixed-instrument ensemble will learn orchestra repertoire and develop ensemble skills

Advanced Orchestra: 

Students will learn and perform music of greater difficulty and will enjoy faculty-led sectionals.


Enrichment/Alternative Styles:

These classes are designed to give students ages 6+ an interesting and new experience that will generate creative ideas and broaden artistic appreciation.  

Yoga - All ages, instruments, and levels welcome!

Stretch your body and center your mind in this engaging yoga class.  Students will practice stretching, balancing, and strengthening poses that will enhance their playing and allow their bodies an opportunity for movement

Old Time Fiddle - Book 2+ violin, viola, & cello

Learn some fiddle tunes as well as explore and develop the special techniques and skills needed to play in the fiddle style. Fiddle is taught by Bruce Erwin, who thoughtfully selects tunes for a variety of ability levels. Younger students may enjoy learning one or two tunes while older students might learn all of them.  Music is sent prior to the start of camp so students may prepare. Viola and cello students are encouraged to participate, too!

Klezmer - Book 2+ violin, viola, & cello

Steven Greenman leads classes with a focus on proper Klezmer music phrasing, style and ornamentation as well as incorporating the accompaniment patterns (sekund) with full ensemble interaction of the participants.  Repertoire will consist of both the dance and the artistic listening music that was performed for the traditional East European Jewish wedding. Steven will explain the historical background of the klezmorim, the professional Jewish instrumental folk artists, and the role of their diverse music.  As an added bonus, students will have the opportunity to learn some of the steps to the popular Yiddish line dances from the music taught in the class.